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read" a homonym

6 years of English experience in environment and sense of service;
Nearly 5 years working experience in executive search, executive search consultant independently as a complete BD, case flow;
Received a full range of university-based education, received a good business English professional training and capacity building;
Proficiency in the use of computers, office automation software will;
Strong ability to adapt and logical thinking ability, quick learning ability.
Professional skills and expertise
After six years of work experience, good with customers in English and Mandarin. The formation of ability to work independently, good team spirit. To deal with things more seriously.4 years sales experience in consulting work, work experience, with a bank, foreign, state-owned enterprises work experience, Roskilde University, Denmark, Master of Economics graduate, fluent in English, to understand Danish. Good collaboration, cheerful, self-motivated.With 7 years experience in quality control and quality management, understanding of ISO13485, AQL, FDA and other quality management knowledge. With the production of site management and the ability to handle unexpected events. Good foundation in English, can skilled use of office computers and various software. Strong sense of responsibility, serious, responsible, good team spirit and strong communication and adaptability. To travel frequently.With over 8 years of software development and design experience, Choosing Flowers By Season more than a year working on. Net / C + + / VC + + / VC #. JAVA development, more than seven years engaged in the Oracle ERP implementation and development,Ralph Lauren Italy using the module, including FA, AR, AP, GL, INV, PA, QA, Pricelist, Service, and GL. proficient or familiar with the following development tools and languages??: PL / SQL, Form & Report 6i, UNIX SHELL, XML Publisher, OAF, BPEL, Workflow, Discoverer, CVS, VSS, Clear Case and Clear Quest.I have good mind, quick thinking; with team spirit; strict style of work; practical stable, strong initiative and responsibility; good interpersonal and communication skills, strong organizational and leadership skills.I work practical, serious, highly collaborative work and team spirit, good humor, learning ability, adaptability and skilled with good communication skills, Best Wedding Venue able to work well done.My English name is NEIL, Polo Ralph Laurenalso taken from the "read" a homonym. Students work in Melbourne, Australia. During the work-picking students learn and complete their studies successfully. I am in Australia, Mexico and even the school work together with the total spent eight years in the TELSTRA telecommunications company for four years, as did my father want me to transplant and has been home, I was an only child. Now open joint stock company and friends to do the energy and real estate. He himself was engaged in e-commerce, want to take care of their families, but also be able to do better business

has worked in the Department of Culture

Dennis is an experienced, dynamic and initiative person with over 7 years working experiences in consulting and 9 years working experiences in marketing field. He has excellent communication skill and high leadership capability. He has obtained master degree with statistics with 3 years' oversea study experiences in K.U. Leuven University in Belgium. His career objectives cover Strategic and Management Consulting, Business Consulting and Marketing Analysis, Marketing Planning and Implementation.1 physical health, personality stable, responsible, and enterprising
(2) proactive, ability to work independently, high efficiency, and with good communication skills3 with a high degree of team spirit and strong self-learning ability, willing to challenge new thingsProfessional skills and expertise1 solid theoretical knowledge of marketing (marketing graduate)
(2) strong copy writing skills (as publications editor of the University during the experience of working in a large number of copy during the writing)
3 strong analytical skills (written a lot of market analysis, business needs analysis material)4 familiar with Word, PowerPoint, Excel applicationsWedding Planning cleverjoe
5 certain oral and written English (CET-4, a document written in English experience)Have a good family education, from childhooPony Ralph Lauren d to treat serious and responsible to study and work habits, respect for teachers and others. Others modest, able to unite people around common efforts to study and work, honesty and trustworthiness. While working during the school experience is not enough accumulated wealth, but the passion I have, I believe we will do a good job. English solid foundation of professional and cultural studies.Study and understand the ability to accurately convey information, perform strong and adaptable. Anxiety, hard-working, flexible thinking, clear thinking. Honest, honest. Strong sense of teamwork.1.9 years of working experience with government, companies and other background work. has worked in the Department of Culture, Guangxi, Shenzhen Huaqiang Group, Guangdong Eagle Ceramic Group, MD Appliance Group, serving clerk, secretary, president, president, secretary and corporate culture, senior manager, service director.
3 in strategic planning, corporate culture, building, branding planning and personnel training, there are innovations and successful experience in the anniversary celebrations, cultural activities, student activities, western charity, media relations experience with good organizational planning . Own Personalized Wedding Card
4 with high-quality media and cultural resources. Excellent writing, in the creative aspects of a large number of success stories in national and local news media issued a document more than 30 articles, a large report, the depth of the experience of writing the article.
5 strong coRalph Lauren camiciemmunication skills, have a certain resistance to stress, develop strength, mature, stable, organized performance management, team management experience.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Eclipse etc

- Global Vision and excellent consciousness over International technology trend - Excellent English skills (have paper publications and personal tech blog) - Multiple years of oversea work experiences of several high-tech projects - Rapid learning and quick understanding of new technologies - Talent and passion of software design and programming - Hard working and nice team work spirit I was graduated on 2007.More than two years's experience of international bussiness trade in a korean company of QingDao. Handling two customers from UK and Japan,in charge of the communication with buyer during the whole process from sample developing to products shipping.
Proficient english in writting,reading,listening and speaking.
I think that the most important point is the conscientious and diligent attitude during works. And I'm doing my best efforts always with those character. Good project management experience;cheap evening dresses
Solid JAVA & J2EE web application experience;casual wedding dresses
Good C/C++ skills;beach wedding dresses
have expertise in DB system;
Long time hand-on experience on opensource softwares such as Apache, Tomcat, JBOSS, Maven, Ant, JUNIT, Eclipse etc.;
My works have covered the requirement analyzing, Data modeling, building &testing architecture, designing and programming phases in software projects.
5 years of administrative experience(including employee recruiting assessment and motivating)
Career Objective:cheap wedding dresses
A position as IT Project manager or director which will benefit from my solid technique foundation in a foreign companycheap prom dresses.
The position can motivate me to deal with chanllenging things and improve me constantly.

catching a glimpse of a light
shines down to us

Good leadership & communication skill

am a fully self motivated and open minded person. Be able to solve problems under pressure, Learn quickly. I have worked both in China and Australia. My previous working experiences include administrationchi flat iron, customer serviceschi hair straightener, project planning, and process, close and cooperating. I studied the Internationacheap wedding gownsl trade and business in 2008, and had been the sale's assistant a year. Now I hope to be the one of the international business person, who can be the basic one at first. 1. More than 9 years working experience in HR field in MNC
2. Strategic thinking and cheap prom dressesprofessional HR knowledge & skills;
3. Good understanding of Labor cheap nike shoesLaw & related HR regulations
4. Good understanding of local talent and labor markets
5. Good leadership & communication skillWhatever happens,happens for a reasontrue friends

the gateway to a world

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Gotta collect 'em all: The ten rarest video games

Though most games are meant to the strings of the lingering heartbe played, some work best when they're left untouched. Just ask the North Carolina man who recently stumbled upon a sealed copy of the ultra-rare game Stadium Events in his basement, which promptly netted him an unheard-of $40,000. That's onethe seagulls and the waves helluva high score. But to expert game collector JJ Hendricks of JJ Games, who himself made headlines when he plunked down $17,500 for a rare Nintendo game, that score could get much, much higher.
Raid the closets and scour the attic --we were dear to each other here's Hendricks' picks for the top ten treasures in gaming.
A gray version of Nintendo WorldA troupe of little vagrants of the world Championships. 90 of these were given away to contestants during the 1990 competition, so it's not as rare as the gold version (see below). Both the gold and gray puts off its mask of vastnesscartridges are distinctive because they have a dip switch in the upper left corner so the length of the game can be changed. This should make them easy to spot." We're sure that makes the affected individuals feel much better. Unless, that is, they've incurred overdraft fees from their banks, been late on their bills, or wasted hours on the phone with their credit card companies.It's not the first time billing for online RPGs has gone awry, either. Our advice: any time you allow a third-party to bill your bank account directly, you're exposing yourself to this sort of problem. Avoid it by buying multiple months at a time (which'll usually save you a few bucks) or, safer still, by using the pre-paid game cards you'll find cropping up at an increasing number of retailers: everywhere from game stores to gas stations.Have you been overcharged by an online game? Tell us your story in the comments.

7 Unhealthiest Pasta Dishes in America

I'm so confused," my friend Tania said recently.To see a world in a grain of sand "Ten years ago I ate pasta all the time, because it was low-fat. Then five years ago I stopped eating pasta altogether, because it's high carb. who is falling in love with my smileNow they're saying pasta is actually good for me—again! What's the deal? Penne for your thoughts!"I sympathized with her confusion. After all, the world is filled with diet "gurus" who want to seize on this study or that one and make absurd rules about what you should "never" eat oAnd forever has no endr "always" eat. And no food has been so praised and demonized as pasta. (Remember "carbo-loading"?) act is, pasta delivers a nice dose of quick energy for relatively few calories, and packs a bit of vitamins, minerals and fiber as well—especially if you opt for Stray birds of summer come to my windowwhole-wheat varieties. (Barilla has introduced a line of whole-wheat pastas that taste just like regular pasta—check them out.) But the humble stalk of spaghetti is neither a blessing nor a curse—it's a tool. Indeed, the best way to think of pasta is as a delivery system for other foods, be they good (think antioxidant-packed marinara sauce) or evil (fat-loaded carbonara). And that means a pasta-heavy diet could lead to a healthier you—or just a heavier you.
Our motto at Eat This, Not That! is that you can eat what you want and still lose weight—without dieting—by making smart food swaps no matter where you are. And that can be said about pasta dishes, as well—you just need to be aware of which platters fall within the realm of nutritional normalcy, and which ones are egregious mounds of calories and carbs. Below, see the seven worst pasta dishes in America—and what you should eat instead!The flavor and fat both come from the garlic-infused cream sauce--which gives this dish a full day's worth of saturated fat and sodium! Fact is, any time you order a meat that comes with white sauce, you can cut hundreds of calories by asking to have it prepared with nutrient-rich marinara instead. Ultimately, sauce is what’ll make or break your pasta dish. Take the Venetian Apricot Chicken, for example. The apricot-citrus sauce covering the chicken is broth-based, which makes it more akin to soup than the oily concoctions you’re used to.


Tow .2006/04—2009/11: Flextronicscheap jeans shop (NPI & Engineering Department, Flextronics injection, Zhuhai, China). Senior Engineer.
Responsibilities: take charge of new product input & Engineering relevant.1. NPI & Engineering relevant principal. in charge of quotation, manufacture model evaluation, new technology feasibility study, capacity evaluation, and makediscount wedding prom dresses overall project schedule (include tooling, molding, painting, printing, plating and sub-assembly and the fixture & equipment for production). 2. BOM creation and the following regular maintenance against the changes. Manage and track product engineeringwedding dresses form china changes. 3. Communications in internal team members and customer site, information and instruction distribution and project trial run schedule control. Discussing with customer and managing internal team to deal with the design or process issues during trial run.4. Verify the tooling; product and process, after customer full qualify them, the whole project transfer into mass production. Solve the problems happened in mass production, in order to make the mass production smooth.
5. Have periodical conference call with customer. In NPI stage, to report trial run progress, feedback engineering issues, discuss recovery plan. In mass production stage, to report production status and yield.6. In charge of the new product development and engineering change of supplier.
7. In charge of the working guidance and technical training in team.8. The management of team. Directly manage 6 Engineers in team. In charge of their work allocation, working target set up, working monitoring and guidance, emergency case and complaint disposal, suggestions collection, idea communion, and Performance evaluation.Three .2003/06--2006/04:Foxconn technical group, FIH MSEG(Motorola mobile phone supplier) L5 engineer division, development engineer(supervisor). responsibilities:In charge of plastic product and plastic tooling development until mass production.1,Check the database from customer, and evaluate the feasibility of tooling fabrication and mass production, point out the latent issue of the database, then provide the improved proposal to customer with design review format.
2, Evaluate shot weight, cycle time, yield rate and production capacity of molding process, and then provide single price to customer.
3, Review and confirm the 2D&3D tooling layout.4, Monitor the tooling fabrication schedule, then arrange the tool’s FOT in time.
5, Follow and analyze the problems happened during the development, and then take the correct action to solve them in time. Discuss some critical issue or product structure issue with customer.6, Arrange the pilot run of molding, follow the schedule, deal with the problem happened in process, so that customer’s requirement will be achieved on time with quality.7, Arrange ECN from customer, and then provide the ECN scheme, quotation& L/T to customer.8, Verify tooling, product and process, after customer fully qualify them, the whole project transfer into mass production.9, Follow the process and make it smooth. Continue improvement, in order to increase effect and decrease cost.
10, Arrange, coordinate and supervise the jobs of team members to make sure the tasks can be completed jeans shop
Three .1999/10/--2003/03/:ChengMing electronic Co.,LTD, engineering department: project engineer (supervisor).discount wedding prom dresses
Responsibility:In charge of project development, and guarantee smooth production.1, Introduce new projects including plastic part, stamping part and out sourcing part, then establish BOM according to customer’s part list.2,wedding dresses form china Monitor the schedule of tooling fabrication, arrange FOT ,then sent the samples of new project to customer.3, Review the problems of the product and mold, make correct solution, and monitor the schedule of improvement.4, Improve various production process, including molding, stamping and assembly.5, Make and provide QP documents & samples to get customers approval, so that the project can be transferred to mass production. 6, Continue the improvement to enhance efficiency and yield rate of production.7, Arrange, coordinate and supervise the jobs of team members to make sure tasks can be completed.